Foobar is better than Winamp...



  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I was going to try it a while back, never did though. Will download it later and see :p
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Got tired of winamp's antics and have decided to use foobar after playing around with dockable panels and things.
    Just reopened it and the stuff I spent half an hour doing didn't load though. :(
  • EehkEehk Not Eolk
    Meh. I downloaded a couple add-ons that made it look sorta like iTunes and a few little things like a thing and AMIP. Everything working fine on this end.

    Loving the quick load times and lack of crap.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Eehk wrote:
    Loving the quick load times and lack of crap.
    Yessir. :D

    I added a few plugins to display the playlist differently, redraw the track info, and seperate them into little resizeable boxes I could stick somewhere on the desktop. Turns out it doesn't like messing with the track info every second if nothing is playing. I'll take another go at making it look neat tomorrow...
  • ShrimpFromHellShrimpFromHell Me is teh Shrimpeh!
    I prefer Cowon Media Centre (aka JetAudio) over everything.

    It's fast, has good sound enhancing modes, very wide variety of playable filetypes, audio conversion, video conversion, looks good, cd/dvd ripping, file info editing, etc etc

    There's a free version ("JetAudio Basic" [which is allready much more advanced than most other mediaplayers]) and a buy version ("Jetaudio Plus" [more conversion outputs and some more sound enhancements])

    PM me for a Plus version download link (doesn't need any crack or serial).

    But if I had to choose between Winamp or Foobar, I'd go with Winamp.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    I've looked at JetAudio before, didn't seem too impressive at the time.
    But if I had to choose between Winamp or Foobar, I'd go with Winamp.
    Heh, keep in mind of course that we were exclusive winamp users for a number of years until just recently. I'm enjoying foobar a lot more than I did winamp at any time, it's a shame I didn't switch over sooner.
    Anyways, here's how I've got my display set up at the moment;
    Not the best, but it works for me. Had current track display and some buttons earlier, but removed them to fix up the images a bit.

    Here's what Eehk had last time I saw him post a screenshot:
  • EehkEehk Not Eolk
    Here's my newest Foobar config. It's very similar but I've started to tag the albums with albumart and installed a windows theme that matches the skin.
  • EehkEehk Not Eolk


    New config, click for big.
  • CornucopiaCornucopia That One Guy
    Nice, I might get that mahself.
  • EmperorsChampEmperorsChamp Alviss - All-wise
    I love TeaGames! I love Torrenting! I love death metal! (c'mon, "Death is a door the opens? Totally metal name :D)

    I LOVE FOOBAR! (the movie)
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Post-rock actually. :p
  • EolkEolk Angry Old Man
    iTunes, anyone?
  • ZaxxmanZaxxman Clueless Noob
    Im staying with winamp...
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