The-Construct Master Server

Spent a few hours yesterday writing the backend for this, and a little while today to finish up most of the script and testing. Some of the script is a bit of a mess, but it is functional. You'll just need to plop the vl2 in your Base folder and start up the game in -nologin mode. Servers hosted with this script will be added to the list, and also have the option to use the auth system included.

The system should work on any mod, any server.

Using the TC Master Server:
1 - Download TCMS.vl2 to your GameData\Base\ directory.
Or use microTCMS.vl2 for the master queries/adding only.

Internet Explorer users: Make sure windows does not rename the file to a .zip, or it will not work as intended. Using Save Target As... and choosing to save as type "All Files" should usually solve this.
If not, open up a folder, go to Tools > Folder Options and click on the view tab. If you scroll down you should see the "Hide extensions for known file types" box. Make sure this is unchecked and click OK.

2 - Start up Tribes 2 in offline mode. Your shortcut should be similar to:
"C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Tribes2.exe" -nologin -mod Construction
3 - Switch to your game tab and press "Refresh List". The game should then attempt to add the servers.

You may get a bit of slowdown and have to wait a short time if a dead server is still on the list, but a server that fails the request over 10 times is removed from the list entirely.

4 - Join a server

If you wish for other offline users to connect, this requires a LAN connection patch. See this thread if you do not have one.

OR: Use the Structural Infinity server exe. (server only - you'll need the client to use SI)

When hosting a dedicated server from a shortcut, remember to add -nologin to the command line.
To host from ingame, simply start up in offline mode and click the host tab.

Using the Auth system:
If it finds a forum account with a logged IP matching the one used to join the game, it will apply the name from the account to use your ingame name. If it finds multiple accounts with the same IP, it'll simply ask you to use your auth code.
To retrieve your code, simply create a new post anywhere on the forums. This will apply the code to your account, and you'll be able to find it in your top-right user info box as pictured.
Do not give out your code, as doing so will allow others to use your account info ingame.

To apply a GUID (either based on your forum uid, or a stored T2 one -- ask me to apply one to your account if you've joined the BC server in the past) you must use the command below with the code provided.
[b]/auth [code][/b]

[SIZE=1](example usage: "/auth 3224578976")[/SIZE]

Extra settings
The following will be set automatically if blank, but if you want to change them, you can use these in your prefs/serverPrefs.cs file.
$Host::TCbeat = 15; // Time between beats in minutes. (Default: 15)
$Host::TCauth = 1; // Enable the auth system. (Default: 0)
$Host::TCecho = 0; // Disable the MS echoes. (Default: 0)
$Host::TConln = 1; //Enable querying the TC master in online mode (Default: 0)

If you have problems, just post them here. The code in the image above is an example, so don't even bother with it. ;)


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