WIP "Novosny"


This is a little project I'm working on ,sadly I couldn't even get close to getting close to getting close to get it done before the 20th but I'm still uploading this in hopes of getting dogfighter or another cool game.

Novosny is going to be a little summer project of mine, it'll consist of a browser based economy game where players develop their characters in 1-hour turns (say, working takes eight turns and returns you 1000 MONEY, simple as that) the aim is to make a blank slate world that can be filled with constructions (houses, stores, factories) that players will develop (with money)
The interface will be a little text parser, that already has a few working commands!
I've got little to no knowledge in php but I've managed to get the login system to work, hopefully if I get help or if the project doesn't turns out to be too cumbersome, this will work and I'll look for an actual webserver to host the deal, I hope I can get any support off the community, as it's a load of work lol


Now I've got the world view and the interior view, both display the objects stored inside their respective spaces including player objects that can move inside interiors, I'm slowly moving forwards to this thing getting somewhere, I hope I'm on some xmass run.


Now you can leave buildings and enter buildings, now I'm going to work on a system to make buildings, a player will only be able to own one building (as there are 18 slots) and hopefully only a well developed player will be able to do this, but there will be public buildings as well, by the way, you need to get permission to enter buildings first :D
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  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    It's a good idea, looks sort of related to those chess games where you make one move a day
  • hehe, yes that's sort of the idea, exept it'd be some sort of persistent world that gets developed by players and have them trade and employ and you can even be mayor.

    Is there anyone in here that knows a lot of php/html/webshit? I'd love to have someone like that around to scream at when things don't work :(.. or ask politely, whichever's your style :D
  • Numbuh 178Numbuh 178 Senior Member
    That's pretty cool
  • HHumans yes i built that
    Ill definitely join in on the fun :)
  • Noone interested in helping :(?, I could seriously use some counseling D:
  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    My PHP isn't great but I could try helping
  • EEolk Angry Old Man
    My PHP isn't great but I could try helping
    Don't get help from Signal. He can't even run an IRC bot! :p
  • That's alright, I need a shitload of counseling, yesterday it took me eight hours to figure out two lines of code..

    but I figured them out!, now to figure the shitloads left!

    signal if you or anyone else want to help just holla up msn, I'll tell you what would be useful lol, if anyone else is interested too my msn is [email protected] ~
  • Signal360Signal360 KeyboardCat
    Don't get help from Signal. He can't even run an IRC bot! :p

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