Simple Combat Add-On To ECM

Today I've finished most of my combat add-on to ECM. So far, it has:

Sentinels (Yes, like in Halo. They fire a modified version of my phaser gun)

Battle Rifle (3 round burst or fully automatic)
Gauss Rifle (Fires slowly, but can destroy a sentinel in two shots.)

/SpawnSentinel # (Spawns # ammount of sentinels)

I'll eventually add a spawner pack, and more armors to fight.

(I just found a bug.. When a sentinel is spawned... you will randomly UE.)


  • EmperorsChampEmperorsChamp Alviss - All-wise
    thats a big bug. :D

    get your server up Nao
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    It is up, donno if anyone can join it though. And, I've discovered what causes the UEs, but I'm not sure how to fix it. The way my bot selects the SentinelBeam and then fires it causes it. I can make it select it, but.. after a few minutes of fireing the gun, I UE.

    Meh, I'm too tired to think... I almost just hit my desk with my head...
    I'll try to fix this tomoarrow. It's either how I am making a bot fire its weapon, or the weapon states...
  • Good thing my sentinels don't UE you... they just have a bigger bug!!! They wont select the damn weapon and they are very annoying when I try to edit how they move/fly... I got the physics on them right once... but then dumbass me didn't save the file and I had to redo it all over again... and I haven't gotten it right since then... I think nao gave me the bad luck from his Battle Rifle...

    *Stabs himself for stupidity...*
  • TThyth AKA Electricutioner
    This is the face of the shapes of things to come.

    Be prepared. :)
  • EmperorsChampEmperorsChamp Alviss - All-wise
    lol, instead of making Sentinels choose their only weapon to my knowledge, why don't you just hardcode the weapon in, make the Sentinel a flying phasor?
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    Well, the UE seems to be fixed.. I'm not sure what caused it, but when I re-did the weapon's states, it went away. There is still one big bug though... When I close the server, if any sentinels have died, it freezes and creates extreme lag. It's only happened since the auth server went down though, so I'm hoping its just some offline thing.

    The UE bug is definately fixed. I just spawned 8 sentinels and got completely owned. These will require good bases and strategy to kill when they attack groups.
  • EEolk Angry Old Man
    Give me a chaingun, spinfusor, and grenade launcher and those things will be toast. ;)
  • NaosythNaosyth AKA Avenger777
    What? You dont wanna use a battle rifle or gauss rifle? :p
  • I'd rather use a PBC or Rotary Shot Gun.... But that's just me....

    And in response to Emp - I can't do AI even if my life depended on it... So I got Eolk to do it... Im not sure as to what he did, though.
  • EEolk Angry Old Man
    I'll just make impulse-based AI from scratch. It'll spawn a projectile from its muzzlepoint towards the zombie. If the zombie is too far away, it'll move towards it. If too close for comfort, it'll back away.

    I'm really lazy, though, so, I'll be doing good if I get it finished by next week. :P
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