I don't know if you have seen the server up lately, but if you have, Then you've probably heard of my NEW mod.

Command & Conquer : Tiberium Conflict.

Main Server Names:

Command And Conquer
C&C TC - Main

Maps We Play On:

For the C&C - War Game type:

C&C TC Pre-load Maps
Desert Storm (Flatland Required)
Blizzard (Server Side)
Battlegrounds (Server Side)
Conflictor (Server Side)
Frostbite (Server Side)
Voltiac (Server Side)
Nuclear Envy (Server Side) (Every Once In A While, The Server Runs This One)
Fogbound (Server Side)
Rain (Server Side)
Silent Day (Server Side)
Thunderstorm (Server Side)
Close Related War Map Pack
GDI Training Grounds (Server Side - GDI vs GDI)
It Was The Truth (Server Side - NOD vs NOD)
Advantageous Map Pack
Apex Lake (Server Side)
Devestated (Server Side)
Night Shade (Server Side)
Driven (Server Side)
Darkened Spirits Map Pack
Shadow Front (Server Side)
Violent Night (Server Side)
Ghastly (Server Side)
Dark Storm (Server Side)

For the C&C - Survival Game type:

Desert Storm (Flatland Required)

Current Version: Beta 1.3

Me and Alviss are working on this project. It's based off of the FIRST C&C game, tiberium dawn.

So far it's going great, All of the buildings are functional. We have functional MCV's, super weapons, base defenses, a credit system to buy buildings / weapons / vehicles, and more.

We still have alot to do, but We have gotten alot of good comments about the mod. I hope to see this one turn into a great success, and I hope to see some of you giving it a shot.

I have a distribution version of it if anyone here would like to host the current version of this mod, Just be aware that we do the updates fairly quickly on it, so the distribution version may become quickly outdated.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the mod. And yes, Were planning on doing Red Alert after we finish this one :)

Click Here To Download Alpha Version 6
Click Here To Download Alpha Version 7
Click Here To Download Alpha Version 8
Beta 1.0 No Longer Available.
Click Here To Download Beta 1.1
Click Here To Download Beta 1.2

Distribution Readme

Note: I will attach the Distribution Version Here.
------ RELEASE NOTES V. Beta 1.2
Another long wait. I was debating to wait for alviss' building importer, or release the version without it. Looks like the importer will come in V 1.3

 - Many balance changes
 - Nod EMP Cannon Sub Superweapon
 - Nod Vertigo Bomber
 - C&C Client Updates
 - Advantageous Map Pack Included

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Beta 1.1
Sorry For The Wait. But Here you go

Instead of numerically doing the change list, I will just List them:

 - Reloading added, admins can toggle it with /ToggleReloads
 - Nod Flamethrower Unit Added, costs 800 to use
 - Nod Plasma Infantry, cost reduced to 900
 - Sorry, no new maps with this version
 - New C&C Client Included
 - Max Base Defenses: Adv. 3, Reg. 5
 - GDI MRLS Unit, Cost: 1600
 - New NPA Buildings: Laser Battery, Particle Expulsion Cannon
 - Building Method Modified
 -- Build Times
 -- Deploy The Cons. Pad
 - You can now sell deployed buildings.
 - NPA can now upgrade some units
 - NPA, Building Tiers added to the MCV
 - Added the 'Additional Options' to the Phantom Embasy
 - Added Server Shutdown For Hosts to use
 - Outpost Bug Fixed
 - Airstrike Sub Superweapon for GDI Fixed
 - Orca Bomber can now 'Carpet Bomb' a Enemy Base
 - NPA Dual Swords Weapon Modifed
 -- Added 'Sub Modes' Hit mine key to toggle
 --- Blade Throw - Deadly, Impales Targets
 --- Shreder - Continues to slice the target until in bits
 --- Phantom Rage - The User Erupts Into a Frenzy, Dealing Massive Damage while healing self
 - Arbiter can now upgrade to cloak from turrets
 - Fixed the Name Tag Issue on the COns. Pad
 - Score Menu Can Now Scan NPA Laser Battery and NPA Particle Expulsion Cannon 

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Beta 1.0
Here's Beta 1!!!

This is going to take a bit for meh to do :)
What Was Modified:

1) All Menu's Redone. They look ALOT better now.

2) Say Hello To the C&C TC Client, Just run The Provided Link

3) Fixed the ub3r Annoying Turrets Fire At Friendly vehicles Bug

4) Maps:
   - GDI Training Grounds - GDI vs GDI (Alpha Team)
   - It Was The Truth - Nod vs Nod (Beta Squad)

5) Fixed Up Those Console Errors When You Deploy Buildings

6) GDI Comm Centers - Say Hello To The Airstrike Sub-Superweapon

7) New Factions!?!?!
  - The NPA (Nationalists of Phantom's Army) 
  -- Restricted to players of excellent skill and game time on the main server
  -- The NPA are masters of infantry units, and have NO vehicles.
  --- Superweapon - Spacious Rift (Sucks Units in, Then KABOOM!!!)

  - Civilian Rebels
  -- In Development, Will be on limited maps where it will be like GDI vs Rebels, ect.
  -- The Rebels So Far (Me & Alviss Thoughts), Will have the best defenses
  --- Superweapon - Unknown Yet

8) MCVs no longer appear Neutral on startup

9) Outposts!
  - Purchased from Weapons Factory for 3000 Credits
  -- Can be deployed anywhere on the map (Exclude 450M from enemy MCV)
  -- You can deploy buildings near it
  -- and from both the MCV and MOV, Set to spawn at an outpost
  -- Oh, and you can buy buildings from the outpost too!

10) GDI Orca Bomber
  - Cost: 2000
  -- Good for carpet bombing, say, annoying Nod Obelisks?

11) New Weapons

  1) Energy Sword
    - Faction: N.P.A
    - Classes: Phantom Mechanic, The Arbiter
    -- Extremely Close Range, Instant Kill On Infantry

  2) Dual Energy Swords
    - Faction: N.P.A
    - Classes: Lord Phantom
    -- Hits Twice as fast as a regular E. Sword. Will Soon have "Throw Blade" Mode

  3) Lightning
    - Faction: N.P.A
    - Classes: Lord Phantom
    -- Zaps Players from a good distance.

12) CNC AI!
  - Yeah I made these things.
  -- Server Hosts: Plug This Into Your Console: 
     StartCNCAI(TEAM #, AMOUNT);
  -- Enjoy! In case you have forgotten
  --- Teams: 1) GDI, 2) NOD, 3) GDI Alpha, 4) Nod Beta, 5) Rebels, 6) NPA

13) Cost Changes
   1) Power Plant: From 800, To 300
   2) Adv. Power Plant: From 1600, To 800

14) And a bunch of other things that I did, but did not mention here.


1) EMAIL: [email protected]
2) AIM: Phantom13927
3) PM On Tribes Next or The-Construct

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 8
This should be the last Alpha Release, Beta is coming.

What was Modified:

1) New Building: GDI AA Battery (800 Credits) (100 Power)
   - Now your thinking, Nod doesn't have any air units... Why give them this?

2) This Be Why, New Units:
   - Nod Apache Fighter - Nod's First Air Unit (Dual Chaingun System)
   - Nod SAM Bike - A modified attack bike with an automated turret instead of rockets.
   - GDI Humvee - All Terrain Vehicle with an automated CG Turret System
   - Nod Light Tank - Quick, Decisive, Armed with a cannon
   - GDI Medium Tank - More Armored and More Powerful Than The Light Tank
   - GDI Mammoth Tank - Slow, Destructive, Armed with Two Heavy Cannons
   - NOD Stealth Tank - Quick Moving, Cloaked, Armed with Rocket Salvos

3) Removed Comm. Centers ability to pick up stealthed units / armor

4) Removed Ion Contol's And Temple Of Nod's Ability to do the same

5) Adv. Base Defenses Now Detect Stealth NOTE:  -> Edit See 8.1 (Messages 2 & 3 Below)

6) New Maps:
   1) Silent Day: A Tunnel goes through a large hill that separates GDI and NOD
   2) Thunderstorm: War doesn't stop, Even for a Severe Thunderstorm.

--- SUB Version Alpha 8.1

1) Thunderstorm Map Random Events Added

2) Adv. Base Defenses No Longer Pick Up Stealth

3) Only Guard Towers / Gun Turrets Pick Up Stealth

4) Leaving The Mission Area = Death Now

5) Toned Down Adv. Base Defense Limit (Down To 7 (From 50))

6) Toned Down Regular Defenses Limit (Down To 10 (From 50))

7) All Buildings And Vehicles Except The MCV and Superweapons Are No Longer Shielded

8) Powered Down The Adv. Guard Tower (From 1.8 / Missile -> 0.5 / Missile)

9) Fixed The Superweapon Capture Glitch (X2)
   - Captured Superweapons Would Still Give You YOUR Beacon
   - Captured Superweapons Would Not Change Their Targeting Beacon's Building Detection

10) Removed Ramjet's Ability To Damage BUILDINGS (Note To Rayzolith / Snowfire : By That I mean STRUCTURES, NOT BASE DEFENSES, The Whole Purpose Of This Gun is To Snipe Players and Disable A Team's Base Defenses)

11) Added Option To Buy Grenades, Mines, And Repair Kits To The Barracks / Hand Of Nod

12) Menus that display Messages / Errors now close after 1.5 Seconds

13) Barracks / Hand Of Nod Now restrict weapon classes by tech level

14) You can no longer deploy buildings outside of the mission boundaries

15) Fixed Battlegrounds, GDI Now Spawns Inside The Mission Area.

16) working On Reload Function

17) Note To Nao / Ray: I read your posts on TC, and Removed the Stealth Tank Emitters

Whats Coming Up:

Beta 1 :) - Yep this is the LAST Alpha Version.

1) More Maps (Obviously)

2) Survival Gamemode -

3) Outposts - Hate having to be by your MCV, Now you can build outposts :)

4) ALOT of bug fixes, please bring these up to me so I can fix those

5) And anything else that I can think of along the way.

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 7
This one is pretty big, so have at em.

What was Modified:

1) New Maps: 
   1)Nuclear Envy: Pretty much the hardest map in C&C TC
   2)Fogbound: Extremely Low Visibility, No Adv. Base Defenses, Superweapons
   3)Rain: Steady rain falls on this hill filled map

2) Attack bike works... finally!

3) You can now disable superweapons by map (see Fogbound.mis) 

4) Death Messages For These Added:
   -Ion Cannon
   -Guard Tower
   -Adv. Guard Tower
   -Gun Turret
   -SAM Site

5) CHAT COMMANDS!!! type /help to see the ones in the mod

6) Some Weapons Were Powered Down

7) C4 Powered Up, It Can Now Kill Any One Building Except A MCV

8) Build Radius Fixed: You now can only deploy within a Set Radius Of Your MCV
 -$CNC::MCVDeployRange is in ServerSetup.cs

9) A Prototype Repair Pad Is in development, Look for it soon.

10) -CUT. Bug is still there...

11) Currently Working on a Sell Function, so you can sell deployed buildings.

12) Also Working on a new deploy system, you will no longer be able to deploy within a set 

radius of other buildings, and construction times... yep, they are coming...

13) Vehicles To Be Made In The Next Release:
 - Light Tank  (NOD)
 - SAM Bike    (NOD) * This Was Not In Tiberium Dawn
 - Medium Tank (GDI)
 - Humvee      (GDI)

14) Oh yeah, and Server Hosts can now monitor chat by looking in their console.

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 6
EVEN more changes...

What was Modified:

1) New Map: Voltiac, Small map with a lava lake in the middle, no adv. base defenses or vehicles

2) Brand New Ion Cannon Explosion Effect

3) Gun Turret now shoots shells (fun.)

4) Modified targeting beacon functions, 4 second timer, can be modified in ServerSetup.cs and you have to be within 5m of target for the full duration

5) Attack bike may work now.. Not quite sure (I didn't test it before making this)

6) Ive noticed this problem for server hosts, PLEASE READ THIS: Many players DO NOT have the Flatland map (Map required for DesertStorm) so, I added an option in ServerSetup.cs. Type $CNC::NoCSMissions = 1; in your console to skip the DesertStorm Map therfore only cycling into ServerSide Maps.

7) Intro Upon Join, Basically so players know to use the F2 Menu.

8) Modified the loadscreen a bit.

9) Fixed Conflictor, Both MCVs spawning under the ground and then dying at the same time

10) Pre-Game fall has been fixed

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 5
more changes...

What was Modified:

1) Nod Buggy, Weapons Now Fire Properly

2) Adv. Guard Tower CG Turret Works

3) Score Menu Bug, The Error Message Would Display Old Lines

4) Removed Targeting Beacons (Oh noes? no more Superweapons?)

5) Wrong.. Added Beaconing Lasers, Targeting Laser with a small 25M Range.

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 4
Another release. Some minor changes made

What was Fixed / Changed:

1) F2 Menu (EVA) Now displays an error message if not pointing at an object

2) A Few changes to the turret targeting functions

3) Power Function System Now Works Properly

4) Fixed Some buildings that were not adding to the count properly

5) Adv. Guard Tower - the CG Turret Is No Longer Shielded, This prevents it from "Dual Shielding" the main turret, making it nearly indestructable.
   - BTW, The CG Turret still doesn't Work.

What was Added:

1) Basic Power Functions
   - Turrets Will not fire if low power
   - Currently Working On Stalling SW Timers When Low Power
   -- On A Side Note: You cannot get the targeting beacon when power is low.
   - Buildings will display Low power in EVA
   - This makes Power Plants & Adv. Power Plants Serve Their True Purpose.

2) Low Power Informing

3) Added Two Power Check Functions, They Will Be Used Later.

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 3
Well, That was pretty quick. But I have made some major changes, so this is needed

Welcome our new Co-Dev : Alviss

DarknessOfLight Is our Official Mapper

What Was Fixed (From Alpha 2):

1) The MCV Glitch, It now Un-Deploys Properly

2) Obelisk Range Reduced to 350

3) Superweapon Timers no longer "leak" into the next round

4) Fixed the Issue Where Missions would improperly Cycle

5) Missions Now Cycle if GameOver Is called from MCV Destruction

6) Fixed the glitch where MCV Destruction would be called twice if admin cycled mission

What Was Added:

1) New MapZ0rs:

   1) Battlegrounds: Based off of minotaur, A small battle area
     - Advanced Base Defenses Are Disabled
     - No Vehicles

   2) Conflictor: Based off of Archapelago, Large, foggy, Don't get the MCV Wet

   3) Frostbite: Based off of Thin Ice, Large, Frosty, Don't Get The MCV Frozen :D

2) Building Counters
  - It now Shows like "Power Plant (8/75) (800 Credits)" In the score menu

3) Universal Map system added, Just make a map, flag it with the CmdCqr Game type and add two spawn locations in CmdCqrGame.cs

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 2
Alrighty, You've been chosen to recive the pre-alpha of my C&C Tiberium Conflict Mod.

You've either gotten this because I know you, your a developer, or a host.

Some Known Issues...

1) Nod Buggy and Attack Bike Don't Work (Need someone to fix those)

2) Buildings do not deploy Cons. Mod Style Still. (You will get console errors)

3) Some of the Menu's may be glitched

4) (This is a big one) Friendly Turrets Fire At Vehicles You buy, Until you mount them.

5) The Pre-Game Fall :D

   Note: Please keep these the same in server settings:
   1) Team Names, They are coded into the MCV / Buildings
   2) Match Warmup delay - Game files have to load
   3) Superweapon Limit of 1, Multiple SW's MAY cause problems

6) Adv. Guard Tower: The CG Turret Is Exposed, And it doesn't fire...

Other Mod Information

There are Many things you can modify

In the scripts/functionality folder there is a file named ServerSetup.cs

You can modify Things like Building Limits, Building Costs, and A few server Settings

Please Do not mess with ServerPrefs Other than Time Limits, Server Name / Info, your admin lists, But leave the 20 second warm up.

------ RELEASE NOTES V. Alpha 1

YAY C&C Mod!!!

It's the first actual gameplay of C&C in tribes

All Buildings in the MCV are up and running

Weapons Facotry / War Factory Works

Working Superweapon System

You can purchase stuff with credits.

Barracks / Hand of nod working.

  • screen1.png
  • screen2.png
  • screen3.png
  • screen4.png
  • screen5.png
  • screen6.png
  • screen7.png
  • screen8.png
  • screen1.png
  • screen3.png


  • VVazolyth
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  • Sounds interesting.
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    Exactly what we need, another mod.
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    Exactly what we need, another mod.
    Nothing like a good mod.
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  • It's based off of the FIRST C&C game, tiberium dawn.

    I remember that game, it scared the living crap out of me...

    I just couldn't fucking figure how to use the stupid mole tanks, or whatever they where called, I got one to go underground ONCE, but then nothing, oh, those poor soldiers sadly under the command of a young, unexperienced commander.
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  • I'm glad all of you are changing your names to -lyth.

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    however. this may possibly pause tauris mod development, and then ill lose my precious oliver.
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    however. this may possibly pause tauris mod development, and then ill lose my precious oliver.

    Nah, i'm still working on it as a top priority
  • Phantom139Phantom139 PGD Founder
    Nah, i'm still working on it as a top priority

    Yeah Zaxx, I'm doing pretty much all of the hard coding of this mod, Alviss just fixes what I can't and is doing some of the more advanced aspects of the mod, He also gives me pointers to what he would like to see.

    I'm still offering up the Distributable Version of this mod if anyone wants to host it.

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    lol, Tiberium dawn has been free for a long time now.

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